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The Problem of the Chemical Origin of Solar Radiation

In View of Facts that Make Physical Explanations Unsatisfactory

By E. Briner

The Process of Wine “Chaptalization”

A New use for Aeroplanes

Feeding a Beleaguered Army in Mesopotamia

Commercial Advantages of Tank Tests with Ship Models

The Carpathians

Strategic Importance and General Character of the Range

A Cheap Astronomical Clock

The Manufacture of Porcelain

Living Artillery

Means of Offense and Defense Which Nature Has Furnished to Animals Insects and Plants

The Great Canadian Reflector

Paper Scarce in England

Hay Fever

Its Cause, Treatment and Prevention

By W. Scheppegrell

“World's Biggest Ship”

Malt Extract in the Laundry

A Useful Compound that Renders Starch Soluble

By A. F. Musgrave

Paper for Artistic Printing

Material of Individual Character for Reproducing Engravings and Etchings

By Dard Hunter

An Old Biological Theory Attacked

A New Roentgen Tube

The Efficient use of Gas in the Home

By W. H. Forbes

Ore Flotation

A Discussion of the Principles Underlying an Important Process as Yet But Partially Developed

By Wilder D. Bancroft

How Heavy Firing Affects Animals


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