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The Protoatom of a World

A Suggested Cosmogony to Account for the Evolution of a Stellar System Without the Necessity of Matter Being Originally Present

By L. B. Buchanan

Sudan Grass for Fodder

Amount of Water to use in Concrete

By Ernest McCullough

A Substitute for Platinum

New Devices to Aid the Wounded

Hands and Limbs that Enable Expert Operations to be Performed

By Jacques Boyer

Wooden Soled Shoes in Germany

Flexibility in Steam and Gas Engines

Optical Glass

Various Qualities Required, and Something of the History and Methods of Its Manufacture

Observations on the Atomic Weight of Lead

A Simple Test for Nickel Plate

How Wall Street Tills the Soil

Putting the Farm on a Manufacturing Basis

By John R. Colter

A New Glass; And an Application of the Low Reflectivity of Glass for Radiant Heat

Effects of Atmospheres Deficient in Oxygen

Carillons and Chimes

How They are Rung, and Facts Relating to the Making and Tuning of Bells

By William Wooding Starmer

New Data on the Archæology of Venezuela

Notes on the Results of a Recent Reconnaissance

By Herbert J. Spinden

Electricity in the Kitchen

The Iron-Bacteria—I

A Curious Class of Organisms, Their Physiology, and Their Action on Iron Solutions

By David Ellis

Cultivation and Canning of Mangoes in India

By Tarini Charan Chaudhuri

Gas from the Earth

Farm Water Supplies

Causes of Pollution and Precautions to be Taken

A Wasteful System of Cattle Raising

Concrete Lighting Standard made by Centrifugal Process


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    August 19, 1916

    Confronting Common Wisdom