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Perpetual Motion

The One Phenomenon Which Is Universal and Constant

By Charles E. Benham

Concrete Purifiers

X-Ray Pictures of Living Plants

A Valuable Method to Assist the Botanist in Studying Vital Processes

An Improved Dry Cell Battery

By H. R. Palmer

Golfer's Foot

A 15,000 Horse Power Vertical Turbine

The Elements

What They Are; Their Fundamental Attributes, and the Atomic Theory

By Theodore W. Richards

Pioneer British Electric Freight Railway

Genesis and Absorption of X-Rays

By J. J. Thomson

The Dordogne

The Primitive European's Cradle

By Joseph de Sury

The Naval Battle of the Skagerrak

How the Engagement Is Viewed in Germany

By Z. S. Hollweg

Sound Propagating and Zones of Silence

The Iron-Bacteria—II

A Curious Class of Organisms, Their Physiology, and Their Action on Iron Solutions

By David Ellis

Timbers of the Philippines

Many Woods of Value for a Great Variety of Purposes

The Importance of the Care of the Teeth

Photographic Enlargements


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