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Extension of the Spectrum beyond the Schumann Region—I

Difficulties Encountered and Methods of Procedure Followed

By Theodore Lyman

Purification of Running Water by Ozone

Behavior of Iron toward Water and Aqueous Solutions in the Steam Boiler

Monochromatic Photography of Jupiter and Saturn

Some Results of Experiments with Various Kinds of Ray Filters

By R. W. Wood

The Action of Nitric Acid on Aluminium

By R. Seligman and P. Williams

Oldest American Dated Antiquity made in 100 B.C

Goldsmiths' Work in the Dark Ages

A Short History of Its Progress, and the Various Schools of Art

By William Martin Conway

Bridge Building in New Zealand

Interesting Designs That Have Been Successfully Erected

By Oliver Johnson

X-Rays and Crystal Structures, with Special Reference to Certain Metals

Mysterious Swarm of Moths

Spinning and Weaving in Early Times

Primitive Methods, Some of Which are Still in Use

By H. R. Carter

Gasoline and Oil Engine Exhausts

Methods of Determining Efficiency of Combustion

Silica in Retort Settings

Why Water Pipes Burst

The Giant Salamander of Japan

Notes on a Great Batracian Little Known in this Country

By R. W. Shufeldt

Photogenic Substance in the Firefly

Experiments Made to Ascertain How the Insect Produces Light

By E. Newton Harvey

Fluxes for Oxy-Acetylene Welding

Methods Used In Welding Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, Steel, Brass, Bronze and Aluminum

By S. W. Miller

Wave Proportions and their Effects

By Arthur R. Liddell

What is Rheumatism


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