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Present-Day Knowledge of Metals and the Engineer

And Suggestions for a Systematic Course of Fundamental Instructions

By Clements E. Chase

Making Liquid Hydrocarbons from Naphthalene

By Wilhelm Schneider

Detection of Saccharin in Food


German Military Aeroplanes

The Fokker Type and its French Prototype

Essential Oils and Immunity

A Novel Cooler for Internal Combustion Engines

An Efficient Device for Use Where Water Is Scarce

The Status of Water-Power Development

Economic Advantages of Utilizing Maximum Stream Flow with Auxiliary Steam Stations

By H. W. Buck

Extension of the Spectrum beyond the Schumann Region—II

Difficulties Encountered and Methods of Procedure Followed

By Theodore Lyman

The Study of Hereditary Eye Defects

By C. H. Danforth

Underground Habitations on the Firing Line

Comforts and Conveniences Improved Under Adverse Conditions

The Plains of Northern India

And Their Relationship to the Himalaya Mountains

By Sidney Burrard

The Modern Boiler-House

Immersion for Microscopic Object-Glasses

Internal Combustion Engine Cycles—I

Possibilities of the Constant Pressure Cycle

By Arthur B. Browne and Herbert Chase

Utilizing Straw

Why small Farm Engines are Failures

Fuel Economy

And the Proper Utilization of Coal

Detections of Ions in the Atmosphere

The Pyranometer: An Instrument for Measuring Sky Radiation

By C. G. Abbot and L. B. Aldrich


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