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The Movements of the Moon—I

A Popular Survey of Their Marvelous Multiplicity and Variations

By Percy Johnson

A New Method of Repairing Injured Nerves

Tarantism and the Dancing Mania

Stimulating Germination in Old Seeds

Modern Service Trucks

Important Equipment for Light,Power, Telephone and Electric Railway Companies

Ancient Botany of the Zuni Indians

Diving Spectacles

Electrolytic Iron

A Review of Recent Progress and Processes, and an Estimate of Cost of Production

By Oliver W. Storey

A Comparison of Weight in its Relation to Horse—Power in Motor Vehicles

Nature of Reflex Action

Cheap Alcohol

The Royal Porcelain Factory at Berlin

Artistic Work That Is Being Carried on in Spite of the War

The Yellow Spot and the Blind Spot as Causes of Visual Error

An Artillery Chronoscope

The Metabolism of Insects—II

Successive Changes Undergone During Their Post-Embryonic Lives Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 2124, Page 179, September 16, 1916

By August Lameere

What Radium Looks Like

Asphyxia from Defective Ship—Board Ventilation

New Manufacturing Methods

A New Kind of Gas Furnace

The Story of the Grinding Wheel

How it Has Developed and Some of the Odd Uses to Which it is Put

By C. W. Blakeslee

Protecting Aeroplane Propellers

Secret Photographs


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