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The Relation of Muscular Activity to the Mental Process

The Energy That Directs the Movements That Represent Consciousness

By George Van N. Dearborn

Poker Explodes

Propeller Immersion and Efficiency

A New Explanation of Sound Phenomena

Accompanying Disruptive Electrical Discharges in Air a New Theory of Thunder

By B. F. Miessner

Explosions of Boilers Fired with Wood Wastes

The Movements of the Moon II

A Popular Survey of Their Marvelous Multiplicity and Variations

By Percy Johnson

Destruction of Short-Tailed Petrel

Volume Changes during the Hardening of Steel

Conditions That Affect a Troublesome Problem

Aeronautics in the Great War

The Captive Balloon, and the Important Work it Performs

The Indian Jute Industry

Its History, Cultivation and Manufacture

By C. C. McLeod

Combined Concrete and Tile Construction

Patent Applications in Great Britain

A Comparative Color Photometer

A New System for the Standardization and Charting of Colors and Also for Scientific Color Synthesis

By Howland

Do you know That

Place of Greatest Safety during Thunderstorms

The Fan Dynamometer

The Metallurgy of the Rarer Metals

Whose Cheap Production Offers an Attractive Field for Research

By Joseph W. Richards


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    September 30, 1916

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