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New Archæological Lights—I

On the Origin of Civilization in Europe

By Arthur Evans

How Shells can Kill without Wounding

Determining the Age of Blazes

A Useful Lesson in Woodcraft

Old Time Standard in Europe

A Fossil Nutmeg from the Tertiary of Texas

By Edward Wilbur Berry

The Dynamic Balance of Machines

Necessity For, and Principles by Which Quiet Operation May Be Attained

By Chas. L. Clarke

Locomotion and Behavior of Sea-Anemones

By G. H. Parker

Healthy Animals Carry Diphtheria Germs

The Progress of Chemistry

By G. G. Henderson

One of the Curious Trades of New York

Cocoanut Products and other Substitutes for Butter

Hydrogen for Military Purposes

Facts Relating to Its Production, and Processes in Use

By Edward D. Ardery

Bacterized Peat. The Problem in Relation to Plant Nutriton

Cactus makes an Excellent Cattle Food

Optical Stress Analysis

A Practical Application of the Method to Modern Engineering Problems

Five Years' Progress in the Industrial Fellowship System

Armor Plate

History of Development and Modern Methods of Manufacture

Effect of Light on Solid Silver Chloride and Bromide

Suggested Mutual Repulsion of Fraunhofer Lines

By Charles E. St. John

Gas from Peat


  • Letters

    Correspondence- October 21, 1916

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