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Latent Life—I

Its Nature and Its Relations to Certain Theories of Contemporary Biology

By Paul Becquerel

Fighting Above the Clouds

Effect of Water upon Carbon

By Glenn Warren

An Electro-Chemical Action on Glass

An Unusual Action Not Heretofore Reported

By F. F. S. Bryson

A Telephone Sound Augmenter

New Archæological Lights—II

On the Origin of Civilization in Europe Concluded from Scientific American Supplement No. 2129, Page 259, October 21, 1916

By Arthur Evans

Early Maps Relating to the Search for “El Dorado”

Prompters Boxes for Theatres

Canal and River Barges

The Enlisted Man in the United States Navy

Advantages and Opportunities Offered by the Service

Cultivation and Utilization of Sunflower, Niger and Safflower Seed

A Pallograph for the U. S. Navy Engineers

Thermometer Scales

Speech, its Culture and Refinement

What Is Done for It in Holland

By N. J. Poock Van Baggen

What Causes a Fuse to Blow

A Morse Optical Pyrometer

An Instrument Adapted to a Wide Range of Laboratory Uses

By W. E. Forsythe

Checking Forest Fires with Dynamite

The Genetic Relations of Certain Forms in American Aboriginal Art

By Clarke Wissler

Some Recent Post Office Improvements

The Passing of the Acid Bessemer Steel

Phases of Its Career in the United States and Great Britain

By H. H. Campbell

Powdered Coal as Fuel

One of the Best Means for the Promotion of Combustion Efficiency

By Joseph Harrington

Valuable Magnetic Method for Steel Testing

The Avoidance of Industrial Diseases


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