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The Principle of Relativity

A Survey of Theories Concerning a Matter of Importance to Many Sciences

Perfected Electric Motor Blast Fans

Invisible Comets

Derelicts of the Sky That Long Ago Vanished from Sight

By William H. Pickering

Certain American Turtles

A Preliminary Study of Individual Variation in their Markings

By R. W. Shufeldt

Growth of Crystals under Pressure

Latent Life—II

Its Nature and Its Relations to Certain Theories of Contemporary Biology

By Paul Becquerel

Light Railways in the Trenches

Cross—Channel Communication

Between England and France—Various Plans Reviewed

The Recovery of Laboratory Waste

Artistic Pottery Made in America

Destruction of Cockroaches

Histologic Effects of Heat on the Eye

An Account of a Series of Experiments on Rabbit Eyes

By Wm. E. Shahan and Harvey D. Lamb

The Silver Voltameter

Photographic Methods

Stabilizing Ships by Means of Gyroscopes

The Effect of the Gyroscope Compared With Other Methods

Bird Migration—I

Wonderful Journeys Between Summer and Winter Homes

By Wells W. Cooke

How Felt Hats are Made

Photometric Methods in Connection with Magic Lanterns and Moving Picture Outfits

By J. A. Orange

The Latest Revision of Radioaction Data


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