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Pure vs. Applied Science

The Solution of Human Interest Problems, Rather Than Theories Demanded

By J. Merritt Matthews

Hereditary Reaction-System Relations

An Extension of Mendelian Concepts

By R. E. Clausen and T. H. Goodspeed

A Perfume Diffuser

Gilsonite and Grahamite: The Result of the Metamorphism of Petroleum under a Particular Environment

Electrical Experiments with Scent-Holding Fogs

United States Standard Baumé Hydrometer Scales

Our National Parks

Play-Grounds for the People Unsurpassed in the World

By C. H. Claudy

Bird Migration—II

Wonderful Journeys Between Summer and Winter Homes

By Wells W. Cooke

Pyrometers on Locomotives

The Minimum Radiation Visually Perceptible

By Herbert E. Ives

Charging Small Storage Batteries

Various Methods, Devices and Connections

Improved “Magnetos”

The Wind as an Earth Sculptor

By H. Lipsch*amp*uuml;tz

Natural Dyestuffs

A Revival of Long Abandoned Methods

By Edward S. Chapin

A Note on the Use of Celluloid in Plastic Surgery

By Charles Higgins

Advantages of Powdered Coal as a Fuel for Locomotives

Blasting with Liquid Oxygen in Salt Mines

High Versus Low Antennae in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony


  • The X-Ray Spectrum

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November 11, 1916

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