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Rontgen Rays and Crystal Structure

A Study of How Atoms Are Grouped in Solids

German Experiments on Carbon Tetrachloride as an Iusulating Fluid

Electrolytic Hydrogen

A Modern Method for the Technical Production of an Important Gas

By Harry L. Barnitz

Is Vegetarianism Based on Sound Science?

Theories and Results Briefly Reviewed

By M. Helen Keith

Self-Luminous Switches and Sockets

Newer Standpoint in the Study of Nutrition

By P. Haas

The Manufacture of Bottles

Observations on the Economy of the House Spider, Tegenaria Atrica

Spider, Theodore Atrica

By Theodore Savory

Allotropic Changes in Iron and other Metals

A New Thermo-Electric Method of Studying Structural Conditions Not Yet Fully Understood

By Carl Benedicks

An Apparatus for Strengthening the Lungs and Improving Respiration

Proportional Drawing

Some Geometrical Problems of Value to Draughtsmen

By L. A. Brown

The United States Lighthouse Service—II

Its History, Growth and Methods

Passivity of Iron


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