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Bergson's Theory of Intellect and Reality—I

Is Our Intellect Limited in Its Powers?

By Norman J. Symons

Arsenic and Manganese in Plants

Animals of Blown Glass

Beautiful Scientific Reproductions Made at the American Museum of Natural History

By Herman O. Mueller

Scientific Cider Making

The Raw Materials used by the Rubber Manufacturers

And Various Processes Employed

By B. D. Porritt

Rhododendrons and Lime

The Smithsonian Institution

A Remarkable Establishment for the Promotion of Knowledge

Erratic Migrations of Fish

The use of Ozone

Some of Its Applications in Chemical Research and the Industries

Progressive Oxidation of Cold Storage Butter

Storing Powdered Coal

The New Science of Nematology

That Deals With Minute Animals That Pervade the Universe

By Annis Salsbury

Ventilation and Chills

The Honey Ants

Notes on an Insect of Curious Habits, Found in Mexico and Southwestern United States

By Percy Leonard


An Unusual Experience With Ignes Fatui

Why Flat Surfaces Adhere

By H. T. Wright


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