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A Few Astronomical Events of the Past Fifty Years

What Photography and the Spectroscope have Revealed to us

By E. E. Barnard

How to Maintain Concrete Roads and Streets

A New Portable Accumulator

Where the Motor Truck has Displaced the Horse

Records made Hauling Heavy Logs in Washington Forests

Bergson's Theory of Intellect and Reality—II

Is our Intellect Limited in its Powers?

By Norman J. Symons

Alloys for Thin Ornamental Castings

Nitrogen Oxides from Ammonia for the Lead Chamber Process

The Manufacture of Big Chains

An Important Product that is Still Made by Hand

Cadmium in Spelter

What is Karaya Gum?

The Conifer Leaf Oil Industry

The Species used and Methods of Production Employed

By A. W. Schorger

Experiments in the Cultivation of the Cork Tree in Sardinia

Force of Impact between Vehicles in a Moving Train of Cars

By Walter V. Turner

The Intermittent Annual Growth of Woody Plants

And some Effects of Geographic or Climatic Variations

By A. B. Stout

Measuring Wind Forces

Sound Waves and Zones of Silence

The Problem of Life

And the Economic Waste of Sickness and Premature Death

By Norman Bridge

High versus Low Antennae in Radio Telegraphy and Telephony


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