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The Municipality in Industrial Hygiene

New Methods for the Protection of Public Health

By Louis I. Harris

Trajectories of Projectiles Discharged at an Elevation of 45 Degrees

Armored Automobiles

A War Machine That Has Undergone Many Changes

What it Costs to Stop a Freight Train

Recent Work on Tsetse-Flles

The Nyala: A Recently Discovered African Mammal

Tambookie Grass and Papyrus from South Africa for Paper Making

The Damping of Waves and Other Disturbances in Mercury

Decay of the Teeth

Susceptibility to and Immunity from Caries

By Earl Brooks

Wolf's Comet (1916 b)

The Pottery Tree

Indian Dances of the Southwest

Ceremonies Symbolic of Events of Daily Life

By Herbert J. Spinden

Milan-Venice Canal

Obstacles to Success in Engineering

Difficulties Encountered by Engineers and Contractors, and Advice to Young Engineers

By Maurice Fitz Maurice

The Essex Zeppelin—Outlines of Zeppelin Design

The Alimentary Aspects of Whole-Meal Bread

Preparing an Offensive

Principles and Methods of Trench Fighting

The Temporary Stars

Their Characteristics and Theories Regarding Them

By Maurice Fouch*amp*eacute;

Development of Our Potash Industry

By F. M. deBeers

Mediterranean Fever and Goats' Milk

New Points about the Bagdad Railway


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