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Systems of Payment in Factories

A Study of Their Needs

What is “Hardness?”

Concrete Vessels

The Brazil Nut of Commerce

How it Grows: And how it is Gathered

Protecting Metals

Enzymes—Substances which Transform Food into Body Constituents

By Jokichi Takamine


Its Aims and Methods

By D. M. S. Watson

Hevea Rubber Tree

The Oaks of America

By William Trelease

Making Bronze Statuary

An Ancient Art that is Still Prominent for Decorative Purposes

Trees in Medicine

Agencies for the Alleviation of Disease Provided

By John Foote

How to Silver Mirrors for a Reflecting Telescope

By John E. Mellish

Cyclonic Disturbances and their Effect

An Explanation of the Air Currents Involved

The Dynamographic Platform

A Device for Teaching War Cripples to Walk

Detection of Tallow and Hydrogenated Fats in Butter Fat

The Preparation of the Knife for Section Cutting

Refractory Materials—I

Their Characteristics, Applications and Methods of Examination

Thermalene, a Substitute for Acetylene

Amateur Notes on Grinding a Nine-Inch Mirror


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