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Vibrations, Waves and Resonance—I

The General Principles Underlying Wave Motions

By J. Erskine-Murray

Copper Deposits in the Arctic Regions

Peat Industry in Italy

Poisoned Arrows

The Venoms Used in Their Manufacture, and Their Action

A New Method of Measuring Refractive Index and Dispersion of Glass in Lenticular and Other Forms

An Apparent Correspondence between the Chemistry of Ingeous Magmas and of Organic Metabolism

By Henry S. Washington

Problems of Human Nutrition

Discrepancies in Current Systems of Dietetics

By Axel Emil Gibson

Small Heaters for use in the Trenches

Homogeneity of Visible Radiations

Train Ferries


A Summary of Its History and Economic Possibilities

Further Evidence as to the Relation between Crown Gall and Cancer

By Erwin F. Smith

Spark Ignition

The Effect of Spark Intensity on Ignition in Internal Combustion Engines

By J.D. Morgan

A Rotary Interrupter for Large Induction Coils

Complete Technical Description, with Instructions for Building

By Louis B. Laruncet

The Clocks at the Greenwich Observatory

Refractory Materials—II

Their Characteristics,Applications and Methods of Examination


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