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A Theory of Terrestrial Volcanoes

By Stanislaus Meunier

A Modern Cargo Vessel

One of the Recent Additions to Our Commercial Fleet

The Typha Plant—A Substitute for Cotton

Sterilizing and Filtering Drinking Water

Old English Weathervanes

On Volume in Biology

By Lawrence J. Henderson

Rotary Engines

Bacteriological Retting for Ramie, Flax, Etc

Use of Cultures in Retting Bast Fibers Perfected

By H. A. Carter

New Excavations on the Palatine

Discoveries That are Throwing Additional Light on the Ancient History of Rome

By Giacomo Boni

Trinitrotoluene Poisoning

Nature of the Material,Toxic Symptoms,Preventive Measures and Treatment

A New Condensation Hygrometer

The War, the Engineer and the Politician

Coal in Spitzbergen

A New Cipher Code

Size of Particles of Sand and Dust

A Simple Carbureter

Casehardening Bronze for Dies

Vibrations, Waves and Resonance—II

The General Principles Underlying Wave Motions

By J. Erskine-Murray

Oil Cake in France

The Importance of Impurities


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    January 27, 1917

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism