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Evolution and Mendelism

The Responses of Organism to Changes in Stimulation

By R. Broom

Memorandum on Hardness

By Robert A. Hadfield

The Planetesimal Hypothesis

The Result of the Close Approach of Two Suns

By Daniel Buchanan

Perpetual Plates for Photography

The Expansive Power of Lime

Two Important American Observatories

Where Practical and Theoretical Work of Great Value is Done

A Discovery of Prehistoric Ice

Chemical Nuts to Crack

Treatment of Overexposed Photographic Negatives

The Prevention of Reversal or Solarization

By R. E. Crowther

Observations upon Ants

A New Thermometer Scale

By Alexander McAdie

Vaporizing Formalin

Can the Velocity of Water be Measured

By Passing an Electric Current Through It

By Walter S. L. Cleverdon

Vibrations, Waves and Resonance—III

The General Principles Underlying Wave Motions

By J. Erskine-Murray

Gas from Hardwood and Heavy Oil


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    February 03, 1917

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