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The Contributions of Geodesy to Geography

By Determining the Size and Shape of the Earth

By William Bowie

Walnuts in Asia, Etc.

Briquetting and Tar Distilling Plant at Nuremberg Gasworks

Anomalies in the Animal World

Flying Mammals; Flightless Birds and Other Curious Forms

By B. W. Shufeldt

Comet 1915 (e) Taylor

By E. E. Barnard

Man and the Universe

Promoting our Supplies of Food Fishes

What the Government Does for the Producer and the Consumer

Conversion of Coal into Soluble Substances by means of Ozone

Capillary and Electrocapillary Chemistry—I

A Survey of the More Important Phenomena, and Technical Applications

By W. C. McC. Lewis

Scratching for Tin in Queensland

Asbestos Discovered in Arizona

Study of Wave Motion

With a View to Counteracting the Rolling of Ships

New German Submarines without Periscopes

On the Capture of Comets by Planets

By Henry Norris Russell

The Total Solar Eclipse of June 8, 1918

Observatory, Topeka

By Edison Pettit

Vibrations, Waves and Resonance—IV

The General Principles Underlying Wave Motions

By J. Erskine-Murray

Recent German Aeroplanes

Experiments on Earth-Pressures

By Ponsonby Moore Crosthwaite

Utilization of the Discharge through Gases


  • Letters

    Correspondence- February 10, 1917

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