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The Energy of the Universe

Some of the Ways in Which We Transform and Use It

Recent History of the Cotton Boll Weevil

The Effect of Successive Removal upon the Rate of Regeneration

By Charles Zeleny

The Pearl Fishing in the Persian Gulf

Where the Finest Gems in the World Are Found

By Edwin E. Calverley

“Re-Education” of Members Partly Amputated

On a Precision Method of Uniting Optical Glass

The Union of Glass II Optical Contact by Heat Treatment

By R. G. Parker and A. J. Dalladay

Cooking by Solar Heat

Industrial Gas Burners of an Improved Type

Modern Technical Work in Italy

As Exemplified by One of Its Leading Establishments

Monazite in Ceylon

Capillary and Electrocapillary Chemistry—II

A Survey of the More Important Phenomenon, and Technical Applications

By W. C. McC. Lewis

Fennel and its Uses

The Phototropic Sense in Plants

Apparently Intelligent Directing Function that Leads them to Seek Light

Photo-Electric Phenomena

Some Relations of Light to Long Distance Wireless Telegraphy

By J. A. Fleming


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