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A New Method of Studying Ideational and Allied Forms of Behavior in Man and other Animals

By Robert M. Yerkes

The Mystery of Metals


Investigations of Time Interval Between Application of High Voltage and Failure of Insulation

By F. W. Peek

Long versus Short-Stroke Diesel Engines

The Structure of Coal

Securing Window Glass

A Milk Boiling Device

The Pyrogenesis of Hydrocarbons

A Review of a Discussion of Various Manufacturing Methods

Fires in the Oil Fields

Fighting Conflagration that Cost the Country Millions

By O. R. Geyer

Ancient Pit Dwellers in New Mexico

Uses of Molybdenum

Shop Measuring Machines

By Frank C. Perkins

Coconut Toddy in Ceylon

Characteristics Production and Uses of the Juice of the Coconut Palm

By K. C. Browning and C. T. Symons

Magic Plants of Ancient Americans

Illusions of the Upper Air

A Review of Progress in Meteorological Theory in England Since 1866

By Napier Shaw

Fraud and Skin Eruptions

Odd Cases of Self-Inflicted Injuries

By John Collie and M. M. Aberd

Exterminating Mosquitoes in Madagascar

A Convenient Method of Fixing Carpets and Hangings

The Future of Oil for Marine Propulsion


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