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What is a Disease

An Attempt to Formulate Definitions of the Fundamental Concepts of Medicine

By Charles Mercier

Reductions of Nitric Oxide by Contact Action of Metals and Metallic Oxides

By Birendra Bhusan Adhikary

An Improvement in the Open-Hearth Steel Making

A Guilty Basarisk

The use of Iron by Primitive Man

And the Sources from Which it was Obtained

Amateur Astronomical Photography

An Easily Constructed Camera for the Telescope

By M. Thomas Fullan

New Railway Lines Projected in Russia

Proposals for the Development of Transportation and Manufactures

Tunneling under a River

Difficulties Encountered in the Subway Work in New York

Photomicrography for the Amateur

The Ancient Capitals of Lanka

Wonderful Ruins in Ceylon that Antedate the Christian Era

By Carl Stearns Clancy

How to Recognize Good Table Poultry

Cable Telegraphy

Washing Flannels

On the Correct Adjustment of Chemical Weights

To Secure Accuracy in Comparisons of Substances Under Investigation

By William Crookes

How Waste Paper is used in Paper Mills

Paper Shortage Would be Reduced and Householders Make Pin Money by Paper Saving

Colored Photography

The Earth's Magnetism

The Discoveries of Halley's Expedition and Recent Investigations

By L. A. Bauer

Audible Reception of Cable Messages Possible

The Third War Wine Harvest

Racial Characteristics of Hair

Metal Coated Foundry Patterns

The Nearest Star


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