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What is a Disease—II

An Attempt to Formulate Definitions of the Fundamental Concepts of Medicine

By Charles Mercier

How Eclipses Occur—I

And the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 1917-18

By Frederick R. Honey

Directing an Attack

Potatoes as Food

New Evidence in regard to the Instability of the Human Types

By Franz Boas

Stone and Concrete Road Foundations

From the Standpoint of Efficiency and Economy

By Geo. C. Warren

Sound-Areas of Great Explosions

Man and the Universe

His True Perspective as through a Telescope Reversed

By C. M. Kilby

Benzol Recovery and Rectification

Development and Toning of Motion Picture Films

By Charles I. Reid

War-Time Inventions in England


An Account of Observations made in Canada

By F. A. McDiarmid

Workshop Methods of Optical Testing

The Care of Ancient Monuments

By C. H. Peers

The Metric System

The Importance of a Universal Standard in International Commerce

Quantitative Microscopy


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