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The Biochemical Analysis of Nutrition

A Subject of Great Importance in Relation to our Food Supplies

By Carl L Alsberg

New Methods for the Purification of Colloidal Solutions

New Methods in the Wheat-Starch Industry

How Eclipses Occur—II

And the Solar and Lunar Eclipses in 1917-18

Inferences concerning Auroras

And Certain Physical Facts regarding Them

By Elihu Thomson

Perfume Industry in Southern France

The Lumen Unit of Illuminating Power

Utilization of the Tar from Gas-Producers Using Lignite as Fuel

How Uncle Sam Protects his Revenues

The Work of the Appraisers Stores in New York

By A. H. Pearson

Petroleum in England

Eskimo Migrations in Greenland

Structural Engineering

Some Things We do Not know

By W. M. Wilson

Food and Work

Graphical Control

On the Exception Principle for Executives

By Frank B Gilbreth

The Chemistry of Wine “Chaptalization”

Economy in Electric Cooking

Testing Speeds of Projectiles by Wireless Waves

The Movements of the Earth's Pole

Investigations of the Nature and Course of Its Wanderings

By Col. E. H. Hill

Production of Smokeless and Odorless Flashlight Powders

Observations upon Tropical Fishes and Inferences from their Adaptive Coloration

Goucher College, Baltimore

By W. H. Longley


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