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Relativity and Gravitation

A Discussion of Attempts to Bring Gravitation within the Scope of the Principles of Relativity

By James Rice

Cast Iron Growth

Diesel Engines

The Baghdad Railway

An Important Trade Route by which Germany Hoped to Control Valuable Territories

A Prairie Dog Feud

Inferences concerning Auroras

The Metric System

The International Language of Weights and Measures

By George Frederick Kunz

An Industrious Elephant

The Fixation of Nitrogen as Cyanide

An Eruption of Lassen Peak

Meteorological and Seismological Considerations

By Andrew H. Palmer

An Explosion Effect

Progressive Oxidation of Cold-Storage Butter

An Investigation of Causes of the Development of Undesirable Flavors

By D. C. Dyer

Detection of Artificial Coloring Matters in Wine

Soap Bubbles of Long Duration

The Value of High-Level Meteorological Data—II

In Forecasting Changes of Temperature

By S. P. Fergusson


And the Phototropy of Inorganic Systems

By Jos*amp*eacute; Rodriguez Mourelo

An Asbestos Packing

Germany's Manganese Supply

Failure of all Substitutes for Ferromanganese—Use of Calcium Carbide

By Frank Jovic

Treatment of Ivy Poisoning


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    April 07, 1917

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