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A Religious Ceremony of the Hopi Indians

An Initiation at Hano in Hopiland, Arizona

By J Walter Fewkes

The Main Drainage System of London

By George William Humphreys

Inviolable Envelopes

Picking Ice in City Streets with a Scarifier Roller

Additive Compounds of Trinitrobenzene

The Metronome in the Workshop

Europe at Turkey's Door

Historic, Geographic and Economic Data Bearing on Its Future

By Leon Dominian

Mechanical Difficulties in the Evolution of the Steam Turbine

Analysis of Vocal Sounds made by Singers

A Navy Ammunition Depot

Engines for Cargo Boats

Sugar Cultivation in Ceylon

Aeroplane Ambulance Work

The Minimum Radiation Visually Perceptible

By Henry Norris Russell

The Silver Voltameter as an International Standard for the Measurement of Electric Current

By E. B. Rosa and G. W. Vinal

Who are the Sane?

Cleansing the Nose and Throat

Platinum as a Gel or Colloid in the Rocks of the Pacific Coast

Graphic Charts

The Use of the Logarithmic Scale for Charting

By John Wenzel

Daylight Saving

By George Frederick Kunz

The Healing Art—I

Legends and Lore of its Genesis

By Raymond Crawford

Swiss Industrial and Colonial Fair

Foreign and Colonial Labor in the French Munitions Works

Self-Induction, the Movement of the Earth, and the Æther


  • Letters

    Correspondence- April 14, 1917

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