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Training in Military Aviation

The Methods of the British Schools

Eskimo Schools

Quantity Production

How Automobile Building has Stimulated Mechanical Processes

Colloidal Graphite in Oil

Action of Light on the Formation and Decomposition of the Hydrogen Halogen Acids

Distant Control of Aircraft by Whistling

Damage to Seasoned Hard Wood by Lyctus Beetles

The Insects Responsible, Remedies and Preventive Measures

By A. D. Hopkins and T. E. Snyder

Telegraph Poles in Africa

Anomalies in the Animal World—Part II

Flying Mammals and Flying Rodents

By R. W. Shufeldt

Industrial Fatigue

Renewal of Photographic Developers

The Non-Recoil Gun

A Novel Weapon That Promises to be an Important Factor in War

Fabric Break and Clutch Linings Successful

A Novel Steam Superheater

By Frank C. Perkins

The Healing Art—II

Legends and Lore of its Genesis

By Raymond Crawford

Production of Blue, Green, Black, and Gold Colors on Glass

Torsion and Bending Tests

Welding in Gas Main Construction

By F. L. Hadley


  • The Romance of Radium

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April 21, 1917