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Human Biology and War

Man and Animals Conform to Different Laws

Archæology of Mammoth Cave and Vicinity: A Preliminary Report

By N. C. Nelson

Saving Potatoes by Dynamite

Surgery for Injured Trees

How Far To Go in Cavity Filling

By J. J. Levison

Analysis of some Sizes and Finishes

Some Effects of the Action of Ultra-Violet Light on Cotton

Removing the Taste Due to Algæ in Drinking Water

Eccentricities of Ocean Drift

Search for Typhoid and Paratyphoid Baccilli in Fæces and Water

Where Italy is Fighting

Initiation of Explosions

The Various Agencies and Methods Employed for Igniting Powders

By Walter Arthur

Reversing Propellers for Diesel Engines

The Recovery of Benzole

Sand Devastation

How the Dunes Advance and how Their Movement is Checked

By Percy Collins

Chemical Composition versus Electrical Conductivity

By Collin G. Fink

Emulsions and Suspensions with Molten Metals

Astronomical Drawings

Practical Suggestions for Recording Observations

By William Porthouse

A One-Quarter Horse-Power Single-Phase Induction Motor—II

Complete Details and Instructions for Building

By Charles F. Fraasa

A Theory of the Constitution and Mode of Action of Tannin Colloids

The Lost Art of Close-Plating

Precision in Chemical Weighing—I

Notes on the Apparatus to be Employed and Methods of Using It

By William Norman Rae and Joseph Reilly

Conversion of Fruits and Vegetables into Dried Products

Voice Recovery after Shell Shock


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