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The Physiological Rôle of Calcium in Plants

A Problem of Great Importance in Agriculture

By Th*amp*eacute;r*amp*eacute;se Robert

The Thickness of the Atmosphere of Jupiter

Using the Bark of Trees

The Jacoons

An Aboriginal Tribe of the Malay Peninsula

By Andrew T. Sibbald

Modern Ideas of Cosmogony

A Review of the Most Important Hypotheses

By Frederick C. Leonard

Astronomy and the End of the War

Agar-Agar in Treating War Wounds

Standard Flour and Bread in Europe

The Marseilles-Rhone Canal

The Shortage of Ships

What is Being Done in America to Meet the Situation

Examination of Artificial Leather and Leather Substitutes

Prehistoric Ruins of the Mesa Verde National Park


A Study of the Screw Propeller

By C. H. Holst

Silent Warfare

Devices for Reducing Noise and Flash of Guns

By Nicholas Flamel

Melting Copper Nickel Alloy by Gas

Combustion of Gasoline

Precision in Chemical Weighing—II

Notes on the Apparatus To Be Employed and Methods of Using it

By William Norman Rae and Joseph Reilly

Chemical Control in the Leather Industry

A Discussion of Past and Present Aspects of this Branch of Industrial Chemistry

By David Quick Hammond

Large Aeroplanes

Advantages of Increased Size

The Largest Plate Mill

Indian Indigo Industry


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