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The Brownian Movement of Electrified Particles in Gases—I

And the Charge of the Electron

By A. Schidlof

Paper Films for Photographic Negatives

By Ernest Constet

Strength of Zinc-Bronze Alloys

Rattan of Commerce

Varieties, Sources and Uses of an Important Tropical Plant

By C. D. Mell

A New Passenger Ropeway

The Production of Fluorescent and Phosphorescent Effects

By F. Harrison Glew

Producing High Vacua

Waste in Coal Production

A Discussion of Conditions Existing in England

By Henry Louis

Zuni Chronology

By Leslie Spier

Modern Marine Dredges

The Cultivation of Caraway

Teaching Children to be Useful

Probable Immigration after the War

The United States Will Be the Promised Land for Hosts from the European Armies

Steel and Steel Alloys

The Relationship Between Steel and Iron

By G. N. Pingriff

First Aid to Wounded Trees

By J. J. Levison

Isolation of a Growth-Producing Substance from Sheep Pancreas

A Curious use for Aniline Dyes

The Electrometric Titration of Zinc with Ferrocyanide

By F. Russell V. Bichowsky

An Electrical Boiler Water Level Recorder

Anomalies of the Animal World—Part III

Mammals that Lay Eggs and Present Other Extraordinary Characteristics

By R. W. Shufeldt

Stock Raising in Madagascar

The Limitations of Standardized Shipbuilding

Behavior of Cement in Water Containing Sulphuric Acid

The Equipment of an Army

A Stupendous Work Shown by British Figures

A New Molybdenum Mineral


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