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The Organization of Thought—I

The Basis of Organized Action

By A. N. Whitehead

The Composition of Power Gases

Plants and Asphyxiating Gases

The Beginning of War-Machines

Former Day Types of Explosive Missile

Aviation and Aerography

Something Needed for Constructing Aerographic Charts

By Alexander McAdie, and A. Lawrence Rotch

High Resistance Telephones for Railroad Train Despatching

The Motorcycle in War

Oriental Architecture in Reinforced Concrete

A Military Wireless Outfit

The Brownian Movement of Electrified Particles in Gases—II

And the Charge of the Electron

By A. Schidlof

Stellar Evolution

Astronomy, the Discovery of a Missing Link in the Chain by Spectra Observations

By R. H. Curtiss

Maintenance of Management

The Most Important Element of Waste Elimination

By Frank B. Gilbreth

Coloring Copper

Lights in Gas-Charged Rooms

The Relation of Lighting to Architectural Interiors

Morgan Brooks Where Special Study is Necessary to Realize Ideals

By Morgan Brooks

Examination of Coking Coal

A French Submarine Motor

Indicating Gear for Internal Combustion Engines

The Mathematics of Warfare

How Trigonometry and Calculus Are Canned for the Gunner's Convenience

By J. Malcolm Bird

Industrial Schools in Ceylon

Platinum in the Ural Region

New Books, Etc.


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