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The Periodic Submergence of Europe

An Examination of Hébert's Views of 1857

By Charles Schuchert

The Carriage of Disease by Insects

By L. O. Howard

A Vacuum Cleaner for use on Streets

By Frank C. Perkins

Extracting Benzol from Coal Gas

The Conservation of the World's Teeth

A New Occupation for the Crippled Soldier

By Frank B. Gilbreth and Lillian Moller Gilbreth

Ancient Distribution of the Labrador Eskimo

Finishing Concrete Road Surfaces

Commercializing a Cuban Jungle

Creating a Sugar Plantation in a Virgin Forest

By P. Shive

Oil makes Millionaires

Fortunes Created by Eccentricities of Nature and War Prices

By O. R. Geyer

A Gas Pressure Reducer

Measuring Starlight by Selenium

Shipyard Cranes

Details of Equipment Installed in Rotterdam

By M. G. De Gelder

Recent Data concerning Palm Oil

Human Measurements and “Resistance Formulas”

Insects that Deceive

How Nature Protects its Weaker Members

By J. Bergner

Dasheen finds Favor

Root Crop Comparable to the Potato Newly Introduced in South

The Organization of Thought—II

The Basis of Organized Action

By A. N. Whitehead

Immense Consumption of Incandescent Lamps

Burned Grain or Flour

Reform of Food Distribution

By John J. Dillon

The Photometry of Luminescent Substances

By Arthur Blok

The Menace of the Rodent

The Pagan Tribes of the Philippines

Development of the Timber Industry in Russia


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