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The Science of Naval Architecture

A Review of Some of Its Fundamental Principles

By David Watson Taylor

A Milk-Boiling Device

Collecting Tree and Flower Specimens

By R. W. Shufeldt

Armored Cars being Developed in America

Preventing Dry Rot in Structural Timbers

The Chronaximeter

A New Apparatus for Electro-Diagnosis

With Everyday Birds

Some Peculiar Problems of Their Home Life

By A. A. Allen

Corrosion Resisting Steel and Iron

The Classification of Helium Stars

The Fly Menace

The Planetary Origin of Water

A Theory Deduced from the Work of Many Investigators

By F. Garrigou

Chemical Changes Produced by the Addition of Lime-Water to Milk

Further Study of the Atomic Weight of Lead of Radioactive Origin

By Theodore W. Richards and Charles Wadsworth

Selenium and the Optophone

Ball Mills for Grinding Ores

Whale and Seal Meat for Human Food

The Influence of Speed on Endurance Tests

In the Cyclic Application of Stress on Iron and Steel

By W. C. Popplewell

Substitute for Jute

White Fakirs

A useful Movement

Polarized Light in Vegetable Histology

Some Investigations of Plant Tissues

By C. W. Ballard

The Share of Egg and Sperm in Heredity

By Edwin G. Conklin


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    June 23, 1917