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Chronology of the Egyptian Pyramids

And Problems Suggested by the Details of Their Construction

By F. J. B. Cordiero

A New System of Weather Prediction

By Which Conditions May Be Predicted Months in Advance

By Rene Paresce

Experiments with the Rotating Disk and peripheral Alaries in Mechanical Flight

By Justin Kay Toles

The Freezing Point of Mercury

Experiments on Ascaris infection in Hong Kong

The Submarine Boat

Its Inception and Development

By John P. Holland

Should the Government Build Wooden Ships?

Making Lantern Slides from Line Diagrams

Peat as Locomotive Fuel

Travel Notes in Western Venezuela

A Picturesque and Primitive Region

By Herbert J. Spinden

The Effect of small amounts of Impurities, in Particular Chlorides and Sulphates, in Producing Turbidity or Opacity in Glass

Pressure Phenomena Accompanying the Growth of Crystals

Dept.of Geology,University of South Carolina

By Stephen Taber

The Principle of Relativity

By Alph. Berget

Poisoning by Primroses

Wayside Crosses in England

Igorot Method of Spinning Thread

Instruments for Testing Curvature of Optical Lenses

By L. C. Martin

Paper-Making Possibilities

Effect of Corrosion on the Ductility and Strength of Brass

Associate Physicist,Bureau of Standards

By Paul D. Merica

Active Beavers at the New York Zoo

The Scientific American Supplement Index for Vol. 83


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