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Is the Atlantic Coast Sinking?

A Review of the Latest Contributions to an Old Problem

By Douglas W. Johnson

An Inexpensive Dialyser for Class use

Diastase in the Laundry

By Wright Van Deusen

Flotation Experiments on a Transvaal Gold Ore

Protecting our Timber Resources

Using the Heliograph to Fight Forest Fires

By Arthur L. Dahl

An Experimental Study of a Theory of the Complex Zeeman Effect

By A. E. Becker

The Electrical Properties of Gases—II

Which Enable Important Problems in Physics to be Studied

By J. J. Thomson

The Compression of the Earth's Crust in Cooling

Removing Rust by Electricity

Tree and Plant Pests

They Do Millions of Damage Every Year

By C. L. Marlatt

Natural Measurement of Time—II

The Year and its Limitations

By N. T. Dupuis

Sighting Telescopes for Fire-Arms

Instruments that aid in Precision in Long Distance Shooting

By Ernest Coustet

Eliminating Blue Monday from the Navy

Science Not Responsible for War

Economizing Coal in Gas Making

The Meaning of Bird Music

Songs of Whose Beauty the Birds Are Consciously Appreciative

By Henry Oldys

Artificial Eyes

Their Early History and Modern Improvement

By Mary Davro

Ball Bearings

Effect of Occluded Air on the Freezing of Pipes


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