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The Nature of Matter—1

This is not a Universe of Dead Atoms, but Of Active Energy

By J.C. Whitehorn

Muscular Power and Endurance of the Human Body

As Revealed by the Mechanics of Motion

By Armin Elmendorf

Explorations in the Hawaiian Islands

Potato Flake Process

Alcohols from Acetylene

Observations on the Friedel-Crafts Reaction

Weird Diseases of Africa

The Story of Strange Parasites which Travel from Man to Man

By Walter B. James

The Effect of the Weather on Forest Fires

With Particular Reference to Conditions in California

By Andrew H. Palmer

The Electrical Properties of Gases—V

Which Enable Important Problems in Physics to be Studied

By J. J. Thomson

Aircraft Testing

An Apparatus for Determining Freezing Point Lowering

By R. G. Van Name and W. G. Brown

Glucinum (Beryllium) and its Alloys

Generalized Relativity and Gravitation Theory

Methods of Estimating Distances at Sea in Fog or Thick Weather

By J. Joly


Notes on its History, and the use of its Leaves as a Vegetable

Suction Turbulence

A Vital Factor in the Working of all Petrol Engines

A New Tantalum Alloy


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