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The Soldier's Foot

An Important Feature of an Effective Army

By Harold D. Corbusier

The Breadfruit

By C. D. Mell

Anomalies in the Animal World—Part III

Animals That Wear Armor, with Remarks on the Different Species and their Habits

By R. W. Shufeldt

Games of the Labrador Eskimo

Anthropological Research in Canada

On the Relativity of Rotation in Einstein's Theory

Color Method for Analyzing Wood Paper Pulp

The Development of Commercial Dirigibles

A Problem now being Seriously considered in England and Germany

By R. B. Price

The Largest Reflecting Telescope in the World

The Making the Great Mirror, and Transporting it up the Mountain

Use of Barley for War Bread

Road Illumination vs. Glare

Calorific Value of Gaseous Fuels

Methods of Evaluation

An Agile Tahr Family

The Nature of Matter—II

This is Not A Universe of Dead Atoms, but of Active Energy

By J. C. Whitehorn

Removal of Rust from Iron Plates

Electric Conductors

The Problem of Cross-Atlantic Flying

By L. Blinn Desbleds

Dropping Bombs from Aeroplanes

An Ingenious Instrument Employed by the Germans

By Jean-Abel Lefrance

Note on the Oxy-Ammonia Flame

By D. L. Hammick

Prevention of Infection from Wounds

The Weather Business

A History of Weather Records, and the Work of the U. S. Weather Bureau

By Geo. S. Bliss

The Structure of Matter

Alloys for small Castings

The Estimation of Toluene in Crude Petroleum

A Substitute for Platinum-Iridium Alloy

True Greenheart not Poisonous—A Correction


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