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The Complexity of the Atom

Considered from Both a Chemical and a Physical Point of View

By F. Soddy

A Highly Sensitive Electrometer

By A. L. Parson

Clearing the Way for an Advance

Economic Ship Building

Disappearing Guns for Submarines

A Method Devised in France for Operating

By Louis Dayral

Hydrated Lime

Every Man a Leader

Notes on the Psychology of Leadership

By George Van Ness Dearborn

New Colorants from Methylene Blue for Microscopic Specimens

Ancient Rock Carvings in Sweden

Deterioration of Refractory Materials in the Iron and Steel Industries

Iris Perfume Industry in France

“Iron-Stemmed” Carnations

Growing Improved Varieties in Paris

By Jaques Boyer

The “Spin” in Aeroplane Flying

New Antiseptics

An Emergency Ration

Chemical Reactions of Iron Smelting

A Review of Processes as Carried On Today

By Walther Mathesius

A Material for Ships' Propellers


The Cathode Ray Tube and its Applications

Methods of Construction, and Use as an Oscillograph and as a Wattmeter

By M. E. Tressler

The Fermentation of Indigo

Observations on the Friedel-Crafts Reaction

Radio-Active Luminous Paints

Substances That Are Being Found of Value During the War

By H. J. Keane

The Oil Fields of the Apsheron Peninsula

Richest Lands in the World Contained Within Russia'S Barren Promontory

Experiments with Paper Tubes


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