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Mimicry in Animals

A New Theory of Inherited Experimental Knowledge

By Hudson Maxim

Solvents of Coal

The use of Titanium in Steel Castings

By W. A. Janssen

Metallurgical Processes in the Foundry

Use of Ferromanganese—Ferrosilicon—Chills and Iron Molds

By Alexander E. Outerbridge

The Menace of the Rodent

Platinum in Spain

The Radiation of the Stars

By A. S. Eddington

Psychological Effects of Earthquakes

Sources of Fat in Germany in 1916


Where It Comes from and Some of Its Characteristics

Petroleum in Assam

The Projection of Light

A Simple Method of Considering the Important Factors

By J. A. Orange

A Qualitative Determination of the Reflection Coefficients of some Metals in the Schumann Region

By I. C. Gardner

Photographic Color Prints on Silk

A Kinetic Hypothesis to Explain the Function of Electrons in the Chemical Combination of Atoms

By William A. Noyes

Peat as Locomotive Fuel

The use of Mean Sea-Level as the Datum for Elevations

An Engineering Problem of National Importance

By E. Lester Jones

Meteorology and Aviation

By W. H. Dines


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