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Industrial Applications of Electrons

Some Uses That Could Be Made of Their Products

By J. J. Thomson

Cultivating Wild Flowers

How to Make Beautiful Gardens That are Different

By Delia W. Marble

Contributions to Water Analysis

Strength of Paper

A Buffalo Bullfight

By Ed. D. Crabb

The Metric System

Some Direct Applications to Practical Problems

By C. A. Briggs

Observation Balloons and Artillery Fire

Metal Spraying

Proposed Utilization of Coal Workings for a Tunnel under the Firth of Forth

Osmotic Pressure

Electrical Furnace Being Rapidly Adopted

Reducing Drug Plant Cultivation to a Science

By R. P. Crawford

Luster of Stones

Some Common Insect Pests

Concrete Structures in War

Their Resistance To Shell

Method of Testing Magnetos

Distribution of Nebulæ

Prism with Curved Faces

Unsinkable Ships

Importance of The Factor of Stability

Entropy of Solid Solutions

Cytology I

Its Methods And Their Value

By A. Guilliermond

Match Making in India

Experiments with Pepsin to Replace Rennet in Cheese Making

Fluorescence and Phosphorescence

Their Use to Produce Luminous Effects

Artificial Silk

Permanence of Color Plates


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