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Some of the Evolutionary Consequences of War

Influences Unimportant Save That They Result in More Stringent Selection of Women

By Ronald Campbell Macfie

Clock of Precision

The Great Bell of Moscow

By W. W. Starmer

A Convenient Testing Machine

The Constitution of Coal

Signaling between Ships at Sea

Old Sundials

Random Notes Conderning Items of Interest in Various Parts of England

“Soldier's Heart”

A Misleading Term Applied Indiscriminately to a Variety of Symptoms

By Adolphe Abrahams

Purifying Asbestos

Proper Methods of Turpentining

Increased Yield Obtained Without Serious Injury to the Tree

By Eloise Gerry

Salad Oil from Fruit Seeds

Bread and Flour

By Francis Fox

Marine Salvage Operations

By Robert Wright


Its Methods and Their Value

By A. Guilliermond

The Modern Whale Oil Industry

Historical Notes and Methods of Production

By William Mansbridge

Case of So-called “Subconscious Malingering”

Filipino Silversmiths

By Elmer S. Green

Solar Ovens


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    September 15, 1917

    The Antidote to Anti-Intellectualism