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Osmotic Pressure in Animals and Plants—I

Difference in Conditions Under Which These Divisions of Living Matter have Developed

By W. R. G. Atkins

Earth Pressures

The Strange Case of Clay

Stability and Buoyancy of Submarines

Some of the World's Most Notable Bridges

Potash from Seaweed

Integrating Tachometers

By L. A. Kaiser

Rivets in Ships

New Fuel for Navy

A Substitute for Litmus for use as an Indicator in Milk Cultures

By Wm. Mansfield Clark and Herbert A. Lubs

Peat as a Coal Substitute

Thorium Lead

Variation of the Size of Drops

Destroying the Crow and his Cousins

Birds that Consume Valuable Grain Supplies

Soap Treatment for Infected Wounds

Commercial Alloy Steels

Historical and Practical Notes on Their Development and Use

By Edgar D. Rogers

Eskimo Music

Chemical and Physiological Detection of Several Alkaloids

Making Window Glass by Machinery

A Review of the History of the Art, and of the Principles Involved

By Robert Linton

Colloidal Chemistry in Paper Making

An Important Function in Manufacturing Processes

By Judson A. Decew

New Fulminates and Azides

High Temperature Measurements without Platinum Instruments

The Development of the Army Dog


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