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Use of the Einthoven Galvanometer and Audion-Type Detectors for Measuring Strength of Radio-Telegraphic Signals

The Great Canadian Telescope

A Notable Addition to the Cause of Astronomical Research

Anthropological Research in Canada

The Ego-Cell—A Speculation

Dyeing Materials in the Philippines

The Refractometry and Identification of Glass Specimens

A Ready Method of Determination for Laboratory Use

By L. C. Martin

The Primary Decomposition Process of Coal

The Reality of Atoms

By A. Findlay

Fighting Forest Fires

How they Occur, and Means Taken for their Prevention

By Arthur L. Dahl

German Soap Substitutes

How to make Animals Transparent!

Osmotic Pressure in Animals and Plants—II

Difference in Conditions Under Which These Divisions of Living Matter have Developed

By W. R. G. Atkins

Chemical Glass, Porcelain Ware and Filter Papers

By J. Sebelien

Our Terrestrial Mantle

By Charles Nevers Holmes

Shells of the Fighting Nations

Variations in Design

High Flying

A Problem of the Universe

Is our Earth the Only Life Supporting Body?

By Vincent Francis

Clean Kitchen, Dishes and Cooking Utensils

Electrolytic Phenomena of the Molybdenite Detector


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