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Mechanical Analogies in Electricity

Artificial Aids to the Understanding of Principles

By Wilson C. Morris

Cloud Flying

Intensive Fish Breeding in Ponds

Salt-rising Bread

Raising Dough With Newly Discovered Bacteria

By H. A. Kohman

Marching Fractures

By A. Howard Pirie

The Biologic Method of Studying the Properties of Soil

Heat Treatment of Metals

The Art of Treating Low and High Carbon Steel with Gaseous Fuel

By W. A. Ehlers

The Blister Rust of the White Pines

A Menace to Our Forests of European Origin

By Samuel J. Record

Developing Crystallized Mineral Specimens

By Alfred C. Hawkins

The Cause of the So-Called Pole-Effect in the Electric Arc

By T. Royds

Salt-Licks and Alkali Springs for Elk

The Making of a 6-inch Reflecting Telescope—I

Instructions for the Amateur Instrument Builder

By C. J. Larson

Photographic Color Prints on Silk

The Art of Living


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