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Ultra-Violet Radiation: In Relation to Treatment by Ultra-Violet Rays

By Charles A. Schunck

Rainfall and Gunfire

Removing Rust by Electricity

Soil Solution Obtained by the Action of a Hydraulic Press

War Ships Old and New: Changes that Surpass the Wildest Flights of Fiction

Discovery of Prehistoric Bronze Weapons

Model of Largest Copper Mine in the World

A City of Gardens

The James River Bridge

Adaptation and Disease1

The Uneconomical Horse

Archeological Investigations in the Virgin Islands

To Solve the Riddle of the Origin of their Aborigines

By Theodoor De Booy

Remarks on Terms of Relationship1

By Truman Michelson

The Fumigation of Greenhouses

The Effect on Plants, and Some Practical Suggestions

By G. E. Stone

The Making of a Six-inch Reflecting Telescope—II

Instructions for the Amateur Instrument Builder

By C. J. Larson

Factors Influencing the Condensation of Aqueous Vapor in the Atmosphere

The Parachute Up-to-Date

The Speculative Value of the Corpuscular Theory

The Coral Reef Problem and Isostasy


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