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The Systemization of Physico-Chemical Analogies

The Effect of X-Rays upon Diseases of Bacterial Origin

By Christopher Kempster

A Ghost of the Past

Ancient Engine in Use Until Recent Years in England

Ferro-Concrete Ships

Interesting Developments in a New System of Construction

Some Latter-Day Problems of the Foundry

War Conditions and New Phases of Long Familiar Questions

By Richard Moldenke

Formation of Aniline from Ammonia and Benzene at High Temperatures and in Presence of Contact Substance

German Engineering from Within

The Wrens

A Great Family of Popular Songsters

By A. A. Allen

Building a Complete Cycle of Industries

What a Railroad Has Done to Develop Its Resources

By Victor V. Kelsey

The Production of Tin

Sulphur Mixture for Grapevines

Soundness of Grain

Molybdenum and Ferro-Molybdenum

The Making of a 6-Inch Reflecting Telescope—III

Instructions for the Amateur Instrument Builder

By C. J. Larson

Shelling the Enemies in the Air

Washing Dishes

The Etiology of some Obscure War Diseases

Soap Substitutes and Washing Powders

The Brown Coal Distillation Industry of Germany—I

Methods, Apparatus and Products Resulting

By D. R. Steuart


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    October 20, 1917