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The Measurement of High Temperatures

Considerations Relating to the Selection of a Standard of Comparison

By Henry Le Chatelier

Anomalies seen in Animals due to Artificial Selection and Breeding

Testing War Cripples

Scientific Estimation of Equitable Pensions and Indemnities

Italian War Engineering

Making and Melting High Temperature Alloys

Theory of Rotation of Spiral Nebulae


The Scientific Detection of Crime

By Matthew J. Eder

The Field of Vision

The Effect of Harnessing up indirect Vision

By Dolphus E. Compere

Internal Motion in Spiral Nebulæ

Method of Preserving Butter

Wild Mushrooms

A Valuable Addition to Our Food Supplies

By William A. Murrill

Ship Model Experiments

Application to Full-Size Construction

Air Pollution in London

The Development of the Coherer

And some Theories of Coherer Action

By E. C. Green

New Zenith Telescope

The Brown Coal Distillation Industry of Germany—II

Methods Apparatus and Products Resulting

By D. R. Steuart

A Soldered Molybdenite Detector

Nature of Coronium Atom

Inadequacy and Inconsistency of some Common Chemical Terms

By Carl Hering


  • Letters

    Correspondence- October 27, 1917

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