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Modern Methods of Progress

The Relation of Research to Industrial Development

By Arthur D. Little

Electric Properties of Silicon and Germanium

Archæological Spoils of War

An Early Christian Mosaic Discovered in Palestive

Cheese as a Meat Substitute

Thermionic Detectors

In Wireless Telegraphy and Telephony

Ship Trials

Relation to Sea Speed

Black Thread Disease

Analyzing Ferrosilicon without a Platinum Crucible

Enlargement of the Sun at Sunset

By W. F. Badgley

The Early History of the Theory of Eccentrics and Epicycles

By Noel Sargent

Eccentricities of Spelling

By F. Horace Teall

The Cherry Crop of France

New Methods and uses that Would Prevent Losses

Ropiness in Bread

Steel Chimneys and their Protection

Synthetic Nitrogen Compounds

A Great German War Industry

A New Microscopic Test for Paper

Ink for Skin Localization Marks

Stellar Motions and Absolute Magnitudes

Junkers Engine

A Novel Internal Combustion Type Developed in Germany

By Philip L. Scott

Linguistic and Political Boundaries in Europe


Modern Analytical Chemistry—I

Some Lines along which its Scientific Development has Proceeded

By A. Chaston Chapman

Sulfate of Iron and Wood


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