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Hours of Labor

Industrial Fatigue and output in England

Air Mastery as Ypres

Westminster Hall Damaged by Wood Worms

The Soldier and the Cigarette

“The Origin and Evolution of Life”

A Review of Professor Henry Fairfield Osborn's Latest Work

Indigenous Indian Dyes

Damage from Soil Fungi

Elastic Peculiarities of Phosphor-Bronze Wires

Anthropologists Examine Pitcairn Islanders

The Speed of Ships

Determining Conditions

Stenographic Machines for the Blind

That enable them to Write and Read

Torsional Hysteresis of Mild Steel

The Attar of Rose Industry in Bulgaria

Modern Analytical Chemistry—II

Some lines along which its Scientific Development has Proceeded

By A. Chaston Chapman

Carburization of Iron by Cyanides and Cyanates

The use of Titanium in the Manufacture of Steel Castings

Coal Gas for Motor Vehicles

A War Substitute being tried in England

A New Method of Artificially Loading Generators for Test

By Robert Treat

Rood Screens in the East Riding of Yorkshire

Radio-Active Halos

Minute Rock Markings of Importance to our Views on the Physical History of the Earth

By J. Joly

Effect of Pressure on Metals


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